Charter Schools


Response to a dear friend regarding charter schools.
Didn’t write the article on charter schools but my beef is not so much the charters, not all are the same, but twith he privatization of education.Your school has a special mission but most charter schools do not. They are private public schools and for the most part they turn away high risk students. Neoliberalism is a cancer. I fear that charter schools will be taken over by religious nuts such as the current Secretary of Education. I also fear Richard Riordan who wanted and tried to privatize the LA Public Library. You remember Olvera Street when he said at a meeting in his office that he wanted to make Olvera Street a Taco Bell. One of the reasons that I don’t like the Democratic Party is its romance with the neoliberalism. Also look at Mexico it is eroding because of neoliberalism. Schools such as your sare valuable because they are experimental and should be incorporated within the main body that is ironically neoliberal. Finally, we are all for the preservation of the Indian ejidos. But look at the contrdictions and what is driving the privatization of the Indian lands. It is neoliberalism. The Zapatistas knew this and it is why they revolted on January 1, 1994. That is why the Yaqui has been revolting since the mid-18th century. I know that I am kooky and seen intransgient. My friends avoid me on the subject of the Dodgers; however, in my limited way I want to keep alive the collect memory of our people. Chavez Ravine was wrong, privatization is wrong and we cannot forget it. Gentrification is wrong and it is destroying that memory and our will to fight. The bottom line is that I hate capitalism — like the Pope I consider it evil.