Gun Control

Gun Control
Rudy Acuña

I generally agree with Marc Cooper, respect his work. But I must take exception with his statement that the only thing that gun regulation would accomplish is to “fuel more gun sales.”

I am an opponent of the NRA I am also an opponent of feel good gun laws that accomplish nothing except fuel more gun sales. Cooper calls the “renewed call to ban AR15’s … another feel good measure. It is a bogeyman and a distraction.” He asks on what basis Congress “could ban the AR without banning the overwhelming majority of all firearms given that the AR uses the same technology AS MOST CIVILIAN WEAPONS.”

While I agree with the latter point, it is my feeling that you can say this of any this of any regulation. I am not a gun expert but enough about them to respect them having been in the army. Also in my lifetime personal combat has gone from fists, knives, zip guns and automatics. I can attest to the fact the more technical that they became the easier that it became to use them. Using a knife estaba carbon whereas pulling a trigger was far more impersonal. A zip gun was much different than a 45.

Marc is correct when he says “95 percent of gun homicides are inflicted with the simplest and cheapest of handguns, not with rifles of any sort. However, mass killings are the result of automatics. They give the punks a false sense of being bad.

Yeah the 1994 ban failed, the NRA and its congressional pimps De-fanged it. The truth be told, it will be impossible to pass any meaningful regulation. Congress is bought. However, that is not to say there are no other tactics. When II first started teaching in a college people would light up in the classroom. People howled when it was forbidden.

Yet they stopped. The regulation did not do it, what did it was the cigarette tax. Start charging those with AR 15’s ten grand a year to license it, make it a felony not to pay the tax, and it should trickle down. Handguns should be similarly taxed.

Society pays for the cost the destruction, the costs should be passed to the consumer. The money could be used for mental health and to the families of victims.

I agree with Marc that “It would be much more effective to focus on background checks, improvement of law enforcement data bases, much tighter auditing of gun sellers etc. Outlawing this or that weapon is a waste of time. And remember that the great surge in popularizing ARs was the initial proposal to ban them.” But who is going to pay for this, I say the gun owner. The smoker pays for his pollution (partially).

But a point that is being missed. Every one of us has to take individual responsivity. I don’t care what law is passed, if someone came into my class with a loaded or unloaded weapon, he would be ejected. Sometimes this can get sticky. It was a lot easier to even the field against a knife, a bat would do.

We should be grateful to have Marc tweak us and heed his warning that we cannot afford to make the mistakes of the past, We have to be clear on what we want—we don’t have many more times at bat.