Make America Great Again

Most people do not read history so they don’t know the extremes people go to when they are desperate. The fall prey to fake news for example. Hitler said, tell a big lie and they will believe you. Fascism does not happen overnight. Mexico had a thriving nazi movement and today with the crumbling of its civil society the fascist have come into the open. The only difference today between the sinarquistas of the past and today is that they are not being driven by the Catholic Church although as in the case of PAN there are religious fanatics. Here in the United States there has been a resurgence of white nationalism mixed with Evangelicals whose energy has produced Donald Trump. In this series I am presenting a collage of images taken from Google. Many are recent and from Mexico and the US. Desperate people seeking solutions almost always are driven by a millenarian vision. Like it or not people are empowered by wearing uniforms or red caps reading “Make America Great Again.”