Pilar Marrero: I agree we should all be rooting for democracy. However, I do not believe that Trump or any of his advisers or supporters will bring democracy to Valenzuela or any other country. I also want democracy for Mexicans, Latinos, Blacks and all Americans. Trump’s support of the Venezuelan oligarchs and his doublespeak are diversion that take the focus from what is happening. Today we have a war on drugs, neoliberalism and the rule of oligarchs because of the United States. I do not agree with anyone calling you ignorant because you have a progressive history. I respect you. But I do think that you are thinking with your heart and not looking at the total picture. Trump and the American oligarch’s are the enemy. Even if what they say about Maduro is true, he does not threaten me and my family as much as Trump. Maduro is not calling my mother a whore and my father a drug pusher, Trump is! I also know the Venezuelan and other Latino oligarchs. They do not like the pinche plebes, so I really cannot feel so for them.